Mary Seamster

Amnion® a warm water modality, is a blend of prenatal somatic therapy, attachment theory and cranial sacral unwinding. The water, acting like an amnion, allows for a direct channel to implicit memory. “Implicit memories are those we don’t consciously recall; they exist just below the level of conscious awareness and are difficult to identify…” (Siegel, 2015) They often are running our daily existence with out our full consent.

Once the client can tap into implicit memory, there is a possibility of unloading a plethora of imprints.These imprints – of our emotional reactions to previous life events – have been intricately stored in the body’s tissues, muscles, and organs. As the body is allowed to just be, the imprints show up as gestures telling the story from our preverbal awareness.

Watsu® developed by Harold Dull has become known worldwide. This modality encompasses a blend of stretching and soft tissue articulation to the whole body. Most of those who are drawn to Watsu don’t just come to play in the water but come because they know of the healing qualities of this work.

Amnion™ offers a full Watsu® Training Program comprised of Watsu 1-2-3, Shiatsu 1-2 and a recommendation for Ethics CE classes. Our Watsu 1 is a NCBTMB approved. Amnion® Training offers a five part two year certification program that covers explores floatation theory, attachment theory, cranial sacral and embryology. We also collaborate with other Instructors in the field of Womb Surround, RCST Cranial, and Family Constellation Work.