About Amnion

Amnion® as a modality blends aquatic and prenatal therapy. It evolved from my studies with two pioneers in the Pre- and Perinatal Therapy community, David Sawyer and Ray Castellino, my studying BCST with the Chitty's and my concurrent water therapy practice. As I took my experience from learning into regularly-scheduled aquatic sessions on clients with Cerebral Palsy, MS, stroke and others with emotional issues, AmnionĀ® grew and developed. While working in the buoyant environment of warm salt water, I noticed patterns that looked like prenatal shapes and reflexes showing up in my clients. With these observations, a door opened into a deeper understanding of what lies below the threshold of pain and spasticity and what my role as a Practitioner could be in the water.

I awoke to the intention of the Practitioner just being, and through being, serving the purpose of the amnion, the transparent inner member of the amniotic membranes. Like the amnion, the Practitioner holds the client in a protective matrix, allowing the client to develop at their own rate with gentle reminders of their orientation in time space, allowing the client to let things unfold…

Amnion® sessions begin on the surface of the water and sometimes remain there. The client may or may not choose to dive deeper, under the water line and into additional multifaceted work. While the client is at the surface of the water, the Practitioner may simply repeat limb formation patterns. As the client begins to go below the water, the "motor system," that is the motor pathways that control posture, reflexes and muscle tone, as well as conscious voluntary movements, is allowed to unload and work through the body. Emotional content may surface from voyaging into this preverbal space. Simple stress, as well as more complicated neuromuscular patterns, can be seen to discharge. Again, the Practitioner holds a safe space for these discharges, acting as the protective but flexible amnion in the womb.

Life begins with conception and life ends for this body at death. The journey between birth and death is continuous and it repeats the same movement patterns from our time in utero to our last breath. We are here to offer support for new life and offer a helping hand for those leaving. Birthing into self, birthing into death.