Mary Seamster

Cost $80 per hour

Typically clients ask for an Amnion® session when in their daily life there is a sense of not being connected. Not being connected to other and most of all not being connected to self. The work is a somatic based therapy, which looks at the impact of the client’s fetal and birth story on their daily life. We note that motivation to come into Being can be thwarted by something as seemingly insignificant as an incorrect; touch, look, or word. With the help of the Practitioner we can surround ourselves with the matrix of the amnion (membrane that surrounds and protects the embryo) and re pattern the blocks that keep us in unease or dis/ease. Clients report that they feel “more radiant, more self, more seen” and that their pain has subsided.

In the session when the client comes to a floating horizontal position, certain embryological patterns unload and release. As practitioners we are not there to make anything happen, we are there as research artists looking, waiting and assessing possibilities. We see what moves and what wants to move. We see where coming into- self was challenged, or distracted. The client is offered a safe bridge (tools) to accepting their personal story, and personal pain. The session may progress to going under the water with a nose plug in place. This takes the session to a whole new realm of possibilities for expression and articulation. There is no sequence to a session; there is a recommendation to allow several sessions to unfold.

If this is your first time please fill out an intake form, bring a suit, follow directions, and plan on taking time after the session to relax. Drink lots of water and read the post session handout.


Amnion® Intake Form
Watsu® Intake Form