About Watsu

As Shiatsu evolved from the blend of Chinese Acupuncture and Japanese Amna (massage) so too did Watsu evolve from the blending of two cultures, Zen Shiatsu and warm water relaxation. In the translation from land to water Harold Dull brought his studies of Shiatsu with Master Masunaga into the medium of water. No longer finding the need for a massage table to support the receiver, Harold found imaginative ways to support and stretch the body while still being able to administer the tsubo point work. Many years have passed since the early 80's when Harold Dull first started exploring in the warm waters of Harbin. In the interim many other gifted teachers have added to the pallet we now call Watsu.

The foundation of Watsu, its body mechanics, its attention to breath, permeates the water work. Some practitioners find themselves exploring the skeletal/ musculature system, while others find their excitement in unearthing deeply held psychological secrets. The range of movement can resemble the slow pace of a turtle, to the ecstatic dance of a Sufi dervish. Movement, breath, stillness is present throughout the session. The movement is simultaneously following and leading, the line between the two crossed and re-crossed throughout the session. You are at the beginning of this dance of water, self and other.